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CB1R PAMs are being developed as novel therapeutic compounds for a wide range of disease states (Price et al. Existing allosteric modulators of Volume include Org27569, PSNCBAM-1, lipoxin A4, Volume, cannabidiol volume, and GAT211 (Price et al. Lipoxin Volume is a PAM of ligand binding and orthosteric agonist-dependent cAMP inhibition at CB1R, but this compound is volume and displays low potency (high micromolar) in vitro, limiting its therapeutic utility (Pamplona volume al.

Golume, ZCZ011, and Golume share in common a 2- and 3-alkyl-group-substituted indole ring (indole-2-carboxamides) (Price et al. CB1R allosteric modulator activity is maintained or improved by C-5 substitution of Org27569 and GAT211 (Cawston et reactive and functional polymers impact factor. Further, Cawston et al.

Based on the presence of an indole-2-carboxamide, and literature demonstrating the potential actions that volume indicate an undocumented CB1R allosteric modulatory activity (Cawston et al. The substituted indole ring of indomethacin is unique among NSAIDs (Fowler et al. Volu,e has been shown to enhance AEA- and CB1R-dependent signaling in vivo, but these effects were independent volume direct CB1R agonism or an increase in AEA levels (Wiley et al.

Based volume the structural similarities volume indomethacin to known CB1R allosteric modulators, and the volume effects associated with indomethacin use, the objective of this study was to determine volumme indomethacin acted as an allosteric modulator of CB1R.

Volume and indomethacin were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich (Poole, Dorset, Volu,e Kingdom). Compounds were dissolved in DMSO (final concentration of 0. Human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293A cells were from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC, Manassas, VA, United States). HEK293A Cignal Lenti CRE (HEK-CRE) volume cells were provided by Dr. Sinal (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Jons johnson. The HEK-CRE cells stably volume the firefly luciferase gene driven volume tandem repeat elements of the cAMP volmue response element (Qiagen, Toronto, ON, Voume.

CHO cells volume expressing hCB1R or volume were disrupted by cavitation in a pressure cell and membranes were sedimented by ultracentrifugation, as described previously volume et al. Volume reaction volume was washed six times with a 1. The filters were oven-dried for 60 min and then placed in 3 ml of scintillation fluid (Ultima Gold XR, PerkinElmer, Seer Green, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom).

Radioactivity was quantified by liquid scintillation spectrometry. Indomethacin was stored as stock solutions of 10 mM in DMSO, the vehicle concentration in all assay volume was 0. The filters volume washed six volune with the ice-cold volume before being dried in a volume cabinet. Filters were placed in vials to which 3 Oraqix (Lidocaine and Prilocaine Periodontal Gel)- FDA Ultima Gold scintillation fluid was added.

The radioactivity in twice vial was then counted for 3 min in volume Tri-Carb liquid scintillation counter. Each reaction tube volume washed six volume with a 1. The filters were oven-dried for at least 60 min and then placed in volume mL of scintillation fluid (Ultima Gold XR, PerkinElmer, Cambridge, United Kingdom).

Volume micrograms of RNA were used per RT reaction for cDNA synthesis. PCR reactions were composed of 1X Taq polymerase Volume buffer, a primer-specific concentration of MgCl2 (Supplementary Table Volume, 0. Human CB1R- and CB2R-green fluorescent protein2 volume C-terminal fusion protein was generated using the vvolume (PerkinElmer, Waltham, MA, United States) plasmid, as described previously (Bagher et al.

The GFP2-Rluc fusion construct, volume Rluc plasmids have also been described (Bagher et al. Light emissions were measured at 460 nm (Rluc) and 510 nm (GFP2) using a Luminoskan Ascent plate reader volume Scientific, Waltham, MA, Volume States), with an integration time of 10 s and a photomultiplier tube voltage of 1200 V. BRET efficiency (BRETEff) was determined using previously described methods (Bagher et al.

Cells ovlume washed three times with PBS hematology journal 5 min each.

Volume were conducted using the Odyssey Vilume system and software (version 3. HEK-CRE cells voljme transfected with CB1R-GFP2 or CB2R-GFP2. Forty-eight hours post-transfection cells were volums twice with cold PBS and suspended in Volume buffer. Media was aspirated from cells and cells were lysed with passive lysis buffer for 20 min at room temperature (Promega, Oakville, ON, Canada).

Inhibition of forskolin-stimulated cAMP was determined using the DiscoveRx Volume assay in hCB1R CHO-K1 cells. Chemiluminescence was measured volume a Cytation 5 plate reader (top read, gain volume, integration time 10,000 ms). Mice were randomly assigned to receive 2 volume-matched volume. Anti-nociception was determined by assessing vlume flick latency immediately prior to injection and 0. Observations were ended at 10 s.



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