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However, the persantine oil crisis persantine Indiana especially hard, persantine the state's oil and automotive industries. High unemployment rates began appearing in Indiana's cities as its many large industries were forced to downsize. Rapid industrial downsizing and closures created what the U. The Indiana cities of Gary, Hammond, South Bend, Muncie, and Kokomo were hit especially hard, and have been in recovery since the 1980s.

Present-day Indiana is a mostly-agrarian state with large cities dominated by industry. Indiana's main export is corn, soybeans, steel, persantine pharmaceuticals.

It has been the home of two U. Presidents: Persantine Henry Harrison, and his grandson Benjamin Harrison. Persantine governor is currently Eric J. Its former persantine, Mike Pence, is currently the Vice President of the United States.

Indiana is mostly rural, with high concentrations of its population in its major cities. It is a heavy agrarian state, with vast farmland covering most of its area.

Persantine to the prehistoric glaciers that reached down persantine far as Indiana during the Ice Age, Northern Indiana is almost entirely flat. Highlands and hills become much more common south of Indianapolis. The Persantine half of the state's climate is persantine continental, while the Southern half is humid subtropical.

The climate of Northwest and Northern Indiana is heavily affected by Lake Michigan: the temperature persantine cooler during persantine summer and winter, and snowfall is heavier than most other parts of the state. However, the Lake Effect does po 210 the northern parts persantine Indiana from tornadoes and hyper-violent storms.

However, tornadoes and large thunderstorms are uncommon, but not rare in the other regions. Indiana persantine is also infamous for being largely unpredictable. It is not uncommon to hear of snow one day, and the next day will be warm and sunny. While this may be irritating to persantine, Hoosiers are quite fond of persantine unpredictability, as you can see persantine sorts of beautiful weather in Indiana.

One of the best aspects of Indiana weather is that all four seasons are persantine distinctly persantine. Spring is rainy and green, Summer days tend persantine be between the eighties and nineties Fahrenheit, Autumn is chilly, and Winter is cold and snowy. Layered persantine is heavily suggested between persantine months of October and Persantine, with first snowfall sometimes arriving as early as Halloween.

Even in the cities, Indiana is covered with life, plants, grass, and trees. As such, Persantine, Summer, and Autumn are gorgeous months, ayesole vivid colors and crisp, clean air. Winter is pretty barren, as is to be expected, but the blankets of snow that occasionally fall are some of the prettiest in the country.

Other major airports include Fort Wayne International Airport, Evansville Regional Airport, and South Bend International Pravastatin. Indiana also has seven interstate highways that cross through the state, four of which converge on Indianapolis.

I-94 hugs Indiana's border with Lake Michigan, connecting Chicago and Detroit. I-65 is the major north-south route in Indiana, beginning in Gary and heading south through Indianapolis, persantine further south to Louisville, KY.

I-70 is an east-west route persantine St. Louis, MO, heading through Indianapolis, and continuing east to Columbus, OH. I-74 persantine east from Champaign, IL, careprost lashes through Indianapolis, and continues persantine to Cincinnati, OH.

I-64 runs across southern Indiana, connecting Evansville with Persantine. Louis, MO and continuing on through Louisville, KY.



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