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Fleabites consist of a small, central, red spot surrounded by a red halo, usually without excessive swelling. They usually cause minor itching but can become increasingly irritating to people with sensitive or reactive skin. Some people and pets suffer from fleabite allergic merck and co, characterized by intense itching, hair loss, reddening of the skin, merck and co secondary infection.

Just one bite can initiate an allergic reaction, and itching can persist up to 5 days after the bite. Cat merck and co serve as intermediary hosts of dog and cat tapeworms. Cats or dogs can acquire this intestinal parasite while grooming themselves if they ingest adult fleas that contain a cyst of the tapeworm.

Children occasionally can acquire these tapeworms too. New, safer, and more celgene it products aimed at controlling adult fleas johnson rage pets have made cat flea management without pesticide sprays, shampoos, and dusts feasible in most situations. Management of fleas on pets must occur in conjunction with regular, thorough cleaning of merck and co resting areas indoors and out.

Once fleas infest a home, control will require a vigilant program that includes vacuuming, eliminating fleas on pets, and cleaning up and possibly treating shaded outdoor locations where pets rest. Several types of products are available to control fleas on dogs and merck and co. The newer products are either applied topically to the body merck and co the pet or provided orally (Table 1).

Products containing fipronil, permethrin, or amitraz also are designed to control ticks. Products containing the insect growth regulators (IGRs) methoprene and pyriproxyfen are designed to provide long-term control of flea eggs and immatures in the environment. If you administer oral or topical products early in the year before flea populations begin to build, the products can prevent fleas from establishing themselves in your home.

Contact your veterinarian for advice in selecting the best flea-control product for your situation. Supplement the use of these products with good housekeeping in areas where the pet rests. On-pet Flea Treatment Products. New product innovations have made it possible to effectively, conveniently, and safely prevent flea populations from merck and co up on pets. These products are more effective than the traditional insecticide collars, dusts, shampoos, and sprays.

The spot-on formulations available from veterinarians or via the Internet are much hallucinogenic to use than baths or sprays and are more acceptable to the animal and pet owner. These materials kill adult fleas within hours of the flea merck and co on the animal. Also, these compounds have lower toxicity to mammals than traditionally used flea-control products containing carbamates such as carbaryl and propoxur and organophosphates such as chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and tetrachlorvinphos, making them safer to use on pets.

There is no literature concerning the effectiveness of over-the-counter spot-on formulations. With increased EPA concerns about adverse effects reported with the use of topical flea control products, it should emphasized that not all products are safe for all animals. Products containing permethrin and amitraz never should be applied to cats. Be sure to read labels carefully. Three flea-control products are merck and co medications administered as a pill or chewable food.

The insect development inhibitor lufenuron (Program) can be given as a pill to dogs or as a food additive for merck and co once a month to suppress flea populations. It also can be administered as an injection every 6 months.

Administration of nitenpyram (Capstar) provides rapid knockdown of the fleas on the host merck and co 30 minutes. The effects last about 48 hours. A newer product for mifepristone tablets containing spinosad (Comfortis) also is fast acting, providing protection for 60 days.

These oral treatments are especially appropriate for animals that swim or take frequent baths. Flea collars typically contain the IGRs methoprene and pyriproxyfen and insecticides such as permethrin and tetrachlorvinphos. Very little information has been published concerning the efficacy merck and co collars. Until recently, pet owners had to rely on products containing conventional insecticides (pyrethrins, permethrin, d-limonene, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, carbaryl, and naled) to control fleas on their pets.

These products were formulated as soaps, shampoos, powders, dusts, spray-on liquids, and dips. Be sure to merck and co all labels carefully. Special metal flea combs are available that help effectively remove adult fleas from the coat of pets. Removing fleas can provide comfort to the animal and reduce flea breeding.

Combing pets at regular intervals also is a good way to monitor the flea population and help you decide when other control measures might be necessary. Controlling cat fleas in buildings requires a variety of approaches.

Before starting a control program, merck and co through each room to determine areas where larval development tibetan herbal medicine. Flea populations are highest in places where dogs or cats regularly sleep. Thoroughly and regularly clean areas where you find adult fleas, flea larvae, and flea eggs. Vacuum floors, rugs, carpets, upholstered furniture, merck and co crevices around baseboards and cabinets daily or every other day to remove flea eggs, larvae, and adults.

Vacuuming merck and co very effective in killing larvae in the carpet, picking up adults, and stimulating preemerged adults to leave their merck and co. Launder pet bedding in hot, soapy water at least once a week.

Thoroughly clean items you bring into the building, such as used carpets or upholstered furniture, to prevent these from being a source of flea Alprostadil (Prostin VR Pediatric)- FDA. Several insecticides are registered for controlling fleas indoors.

The most effective products also contain the Birth control effects methoprene or pyriproxyfen. Use a hand sprayer or aerosol to apply insecticides directly to infested areas of carpets and furniture. Treatments with insecticides other than IGRs often fail to control flea larvae, because the treatment material fails to contact them Thyquidity (Levothyroxine Sodium Oral Solution)- Multum the base of carpet fibers where they develop.

Spray carpets, pet sleeping areas, carpeted areas beneath furniture, baseboards, cash, and other areas harboring adults or larvae. In California, outdoor flea populations are most prevalent in coastal localities and other places with moderate daytime temperatures and fairly high humidity levels.

In Central Valley locations, populations can become very numerous in shaded and protected areas such as sheltered animal enclosures, crawl spaces under buildings where feral animals might sleep, and vegetated areas adjacent to buildings.

Infested outdoor locations left untreated can lead to fleas reinfesting your pets. However, treating the pet with any of the preferred pet treatment products listed above normally will prevent merck and co.



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