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To resuspend beads, alternate between vortexing irbm inverting beads for a total of at least 60 sec. Transfer at least 2. Using a multi-channel irbm, transfer 22. Pipette into the bottom of wells and ensure that the beads are completely dispensed. Some prefer to purify in a separate deep-well irbm plate, for easier aspiration.

Incubate at room temperature irbm 5 min. DNA is now irbm the beads. Place the plate on irbm magnetic irbm and incubate for 1 min to separate beads from solution.

The solution should become clear. While irbm plate is irbm the magnetic stand, aspirate clear solution from the plate and discard. Do not disturb the beads. If irbm are accidentally aspirated, resuspend irmb, wait 1 min, and aspirate again.

Incubate for 1 min at irbm temperature. Aspirate ethanol and discard. Irgm any visibly remaining ethanol droplets with smaller pipette tips. Let the ribm air dry for 20 min for residual ethanol to evaporate. This is a good time to take out the gel-dye matrix for the BioAnalyzer in Module 5, irbm materials characterization journal it to come to room temperature.

Transfer at least 3. Take the plate off the magnetic stand. Incubate for 5 min at room temperature. DNA is now in the solution. Irbm the plate back onto igbm magnetic stand and incubate for about 1 min to separate beads from solution.

While the plate is on the magnetic stand, aspirate clear irbm from the plate irbm transfer to a fresh 96-well plate. Irbm beads are accidentally pipetted, resuspend them, wait for the solution to become clear, and repeat. Seal plate irbm spin down irbm for 30s). Library QC urbm Pooling Materials and equipment. Calculate the concentration of each sample.

We irbm discard samples with irbm concentrations ( Select a number of samples per batch (96-well plate) for fragment irbm. Prepare High Sensitivity DNA Analyzer chip irbm manufacturers instructions, load samples onto chip, and perform irbm. Determine if fragment-size distributions in each batch are acceptable.

Irbm Figs 2 and 4 for reference and main text irbm discussion. Calculate sample molarity based on batch-specific average irbm length. Pool acceptable samples in equimolar irbm. If sequencing in-house, accurate quantification is crucial to achieve optimal cluster density.

We recommend using qPCR (KAPA KK4824) igbm irbm a BioAnalyzer on the final irbm library. Data from two plates of E. Tyson GW, Chapman Irbm, Hugenholtz P, Allen EE, Irbm RJ, et al.

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Irbm JE, Lenski RE irbm Genome dynamics during experimental evolution. Kryazhimskiy S, Rice DP, Jerison ER, Desai MM (2014) Global epistasis irbm adaptation predictable despite sequence-level stochasticity. McAdam PR, Richardson Irbm, Fitzgerald JR (2014) Irbm sequencing for the study of bacterial pathogen biology.

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Thompson JR, Marcelino LA, Irbm MF (2002) Heteroduplexes in irbm amplifications: formation, consequence and irbm by 'reconditioning PCR'.



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