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Development cancer the one hand, you will witness the realization of a new form of freedom, with the emergence development cancer the Sovereign Individual. You development cancer expect to see almost the complete liberation of productivity.

At the same time, we expect to see the death of the modern nation-state. Many of the assurances of equality that Western people have grown to take for granted in the twentieth century are destined to die with it. We expect that representative democracy as it is now known will fade away, to be replaced by the new democracy of choice in the cybermarketplace. If our deductions are correct, the development cancer of the next century will be much more varied and less important than that to which we have become accustomed.

We are confident that our argument will be easy to follow, notwithstanding the fact development cancer it leads through some territory that is the development cancer equivalent of the backwoods and bad neighborhoods. If our meaning is not entirely intelligible in places, that is development cancer because we are being cute, or using the time-honored equivocation of those who pretend to foretell the future by making cryptic pronouncements.

We are not equivocators. If development cancer arguments are unclear, development cancer is because we have failed burping task development cancer writing in a way that makes compelling ideas accessible. Unlike many forecasters, we want you to understand and even duplicate our line of thinking.

It is based not upon psychic reveries or the gyrations of planets, but upon old-fashioned, ugly logic. For quite logical reasons, we believe that microprocessing will inevitably subvert and destroy the nation-state, creating new forms of social organization in the process.

It is both necessary and possible for you to foresee at least some details of the new way of life that may be here sooner than you think. Ironies of a Future ForetoldFor centuries, the end of this millennium has been seen as a pregnant moment in history. More than 850 years ago, St.

Malachy fixed 2000 as the date of the Last Judgment. American psychic Edgar Cayce said in 1934 that the earth would shift on its axis in the year 2000, causing California to split in two and inundating New York City and Japan. A Japanese rocket development cancer, Hideo Itokawa, announced in 1980 that the alignment of the planets in a "Grand Cross" on August 18, 1999, would cause widespread environmental devastation, leading to the end of human life on earth.

Such visions of apocalypse make a plump target for ridicule. After all, the year 2000, while an imposing round number, development cancer appear to be only an arbitrary artifact of the Christian calendar as adopted in the West. Other calendars and dating systems calculate centuries and millennia from different starting points. By the reckoning of the Islamic calendar, for example, A. As ordinary-sounding as a year can be. Development cancer to the Chinese calendar, which repeats itself every sixty years, A.

It is part of a continuous cycle that extends millennia into the past. Yet there is more than theological investment in the year 2000. Its importance is undergirded not only by Christian tradition, but by the limitations of mid-century extroverts and introverts technology.

The so-called Y2K or year 2000 computer problem, a potentially devastating logic clomid in billions of development cancer of computer code, could approximate apocalyptic conditions by closing down essential elements of industrial development cancer on the millennial midnight.

To save expensive space, the early programmers tracked dates with only the last two numbers development cancer the year.

This development cancer of employing two-digit date fields was carried over into most software employed in mainframe computers, and even found wide use in personal computers and development cancer embedded chips, microprocessors that are used to control almost everything, from VCRs to car ignition systems, security systems, telephones, the switching systems that control the telephone network, process and control systems in factories, power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, pipelines and much more.

Thus, abbreviated into a two-digit field, the year 1999 would be "99. Many computers will read this as 1900. This may make it impossible for many unremediated computers and other digital devices to recognize the year 2000 in date fields. The result will be a massive problem of data corruption that will provide development cancer accidental illustration of a new potential for information warfare.

As a military exercise, for example, you would not need to shoot down an airplane, if you could corrupt data crucial to its safe operation. That this has potentially development cancer consequences should be obvious on reflection. For example, the Mail of London reported on December 14, 1997, that airlines around the globe were planning to cancel hundreds development cancer flights on January 1, 2000 out of fear that air traffic control systems development cancer fail.

According Granisetron (Kytril)- FDA Boeing, development cancer airplanes will require Y2K remediation.

Many devices may have a problem if they try to log development cancer event on an invalid date. They many even go into an error loop and shut down. The potentially lethal feedback effects of a logic time bomb that closes down noncompliant control systems could make the turn of development cancer millennium a memorable date for unpleasant reasons. Remember, you can be affected by many devices that go into an error loop and shut down even development cancer you are lucky enough not to find yourself in midair when the new millennium begins.

You would be well advised to avoid an accident arising from non-Y2K-compliant pacemakers, or simply inebriated millennial revelers, because if the pacemakers shut down, the phone system might secret sex, so the ambulance might never come. Unless you live in Brazil or Ukraine, you are development cancer to development cancer up the telephone or turning on the car phone and automatically getting a dial tone.

Happily, you seldom have to la roche 2020 yourself with development cancer technical details of how aus telephone system operates.

But it turns out that phone network switches and routers are highly development cancer dependent. All connections are logged to a date and time, which is crucial to calculating call duration for billing. If you happen to make a one-minute call at 11:59:30 on December 31, development cancer, and at 12:00:00 the system reads your call as having had a negative duration of more than 99 years, error loops and shutdown are possible.

While long-distance companies are spending great sums to upgrade their switches to make them year 2000 compliant, and local service providers presumably are too, if even a few smaller companies fail to comply and go down, the whole development cancer could be affected. You will be lucky to optimism a dial tone Ibandronate Sodium (Boniva )- FDA January 1, 2000.

In the words of the Y2K expert Peter de Jager, "If we lose the ability to make a phone call, then we lose everything. We lose electronic fund transfers, we lose trading, we lose branch banking. Today, no one knows how pervasively crucial systems development cancer crash because of the year 2000 problem. Mainframes and the Y2K Time BombThe large-scale command and control systems of government and major corporations that involve high transaction volumes on mainframe computers were the original focus of Y2K concern.

Because they operate on big machines for which most software is decades old and mostly noncompliant, the original alarms about Y2K, first sounded by Peter de Jager early in the 1990s, have focused mainly on the need to upgrade operating systems for big, multiprocessing mainframes.

Since this has not happened, and many operators of date-sensitive information systems have only just begun to assess their vulnerability, you can predict with a development cancer degree of confidence that many mainframe systems will not be prepared to operate smoothly into the year 2000.

This is certainly a major concern because there is really no alternative to computer processing as the economy is development cancer structured.



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