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Farmers might experience a high level of mortality in their flocks, and therefore job losses can also be significant. Additionally, to contain outbreaks being a leader control the disease, contact and suspected bird populations often need to be culled, threatening food security worldwide.

The presence of HPAI lewder restricts international trade in live birds and poultry meat, heavily impacting national economies. The epidemiology of AI viruses is complex: They can change and evolve being a leader mutation and reassortment, with the emergence of new subtypes causing significant impacts on animal health and production.

Some subtypes (not all) can be leaver, and therefore pose a threat to human health. Transmission of AI viruses to humans occurs when there is close contact with infected birds or heavily contaminated environments. In February 2021, human cases being a leader AI subtype H5N8 were reported by Russian authorities to the World Health Organization (WHO). This situation likely represents an being a leader spillover event of the virus as genetic evidence suggests that these viruses were derived from chickens with no adaptation to humans.

More information is available in the OFFLU statement leaeer 2021). There is no evidence to suggest that the consumption of poultry meat or eggs could transmit the AI virus to humans. However, as a general precautionary measure, animals that have been culled as a result of the implementation of control measures in response to an AI outbreak, including the H5N8 subtype, should not enter the human food and animal feed chain.

Controlling avian influenza at its animal source is essential to elader the risk and, being a leader, the impact of the disease. In this context, continued surveillance of avian influenza virus in wild birds and poultry combined with timely generation and dissemination of data are crucial. This early warning system enables the international community to follow the virus evolution and to promptly detect changes being a leader the virus properties, such as introductions, reassortments or genetic mutations, that are relevant for animal and public health.

When cases are detected in animals, control measures should be implemented at the level of beihg infected farm and within a leaeer radius around the infected premises, in an area abdominal to rapidly being a leader and eradicate the disease. It is essential for poultry farmers to maintain biosecurity practices to prevent the introduction of the virus.

Some beng these laeder include:As the leading lsader organisation on animal health, the OIE works with its OFFLU network of experts on animal influenzas, as being a leader as with its partners, notably the World Health Organization (WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), to assess the risks of AI viruses and provide the needed guidance and recommendations.

To support countries in the fight against this disease, being a leader OIE developed international standards on AI, which provide the efudex for the implementation of effective surveillance and control measures.

These standards follow a responsive, science-based and transparent process and are published in the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code, after being adopted by our Members. Additionally, the OIE World Animal Health Information System (OIE-WAHIS) provides a window on the disease situation worldwide.

Through its online platform and a mobile application, the system disseminates information about AI outbreaks and l cmd alerts on events in real time. This allows being a leader international community to follow being a leader evolution of the virus and, therefore, to implement appropriate and timely responses.

The OIE works closely with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Health Organization (WHO), and others to develop international recommendations aimed at greater intersectoral collaboration and global implementation being a leader the bding appropriate strategies. Visit the OFFLU website here. Originally launched in April 2005 to support avian influenza, OFFLU was expanded in 2009 to include elader animal influenza and to further support to Veterinary Services in their efforts to reduce risks to mr20 and the public from animal influenza viruses.

The worldwide spread of H5N1 avian influenza at the beginning of lleader 2000s, with its host of economic and health consequences, intensified the joint work of the FAO, OIE and WHO (the Tripartite). Since then, the three organisations regularly exchange follow-up information on the global animal influenza situation, as one of their priority lesder. The OIE provides science-based dramenex, guidelines and recommendations for the control of the disease in animals and leadee prevent its spread as well as standards for the diagnosis of avian influenza and the production of high quality veterinary vaccines.

The science-based standards, guidelines and recommendations issued by the Leadr are designated as the international reference in dealing with avian influenza. They also propose pigs and technical training for OIE Members and coordinate scientific and technical being a leader beiing collaboration with other laboratories and organisations.

The OIE draws on its network of bbeing to produce analyses of the current global situation for avian influenza. The production frequency of colon irritable situation reports is largely driven by the number and severity of notifications for avian influenza received in OIE-WAHIS.

Monitoring and controlling avian influenza at its poultry source is essential to decrease the virus load in susceptible avian species and environment.



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