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Transportability also requires transparency-organizations must be willing to share their findings. Monitoring and evaluation data based on a clear theory and made available to others support another key element of transportability: replication. Clear theory and monitoring data provide critical information about what should be replicated.

Undertaking a program in another context provides powerful policy information about when and where a given intervention will work.

A lack of transparency has real social costs. Without transparency, other organizations cannot identify the lessons for their own programs. CART provides organizations with a set of principles to guide them in deciding which credible data are most critical to augmentin 1000 mg bid. But organizations need to do more than simply collect the right data.

They need to integrate the data fully into what they do. They need to develop right-fit evidence systems. Creating such systems should be a priority for all organizations. First, many organizations will be better served by improving their systems for monitoring and managing performance, rather than focusing on measuring impact.

Right-fit evidence systems provide credible and actionable data that are far more valuable than the results of a poorly run impact evaluation.

Second, society is better served when augmentin 1000 mg bid develop right-fit evidence systems. High-quality management data help organizations learn and augmentin 1000 mg bid. Transparent data that are connected to theory help build our generalized knowledge augmentin 1000 mg bid what works-and in what settings. Good programs can be replicated, poor ones retired.

Impact evaluations are undertaken only when the conditions are augmentin 1000 mg bid waste and maximizing augmentin 1000 mg bid resources. The first step in moving toward right-fit evidence happens at the organizational level. To support program learning and improvement, evidence must be actionable-that is, it must be incorporated into organizational decision-making processes.

An actionable system of data management does three things: collect the right data, report the data in useful formats in a timely fashion, and create organizational augmentin 1000 mg bid and commitment to using data. Organizations should collect five types of monitoring data. Two of these-financial and augmentin 1000 mg bid (implementation) tracking-are already collected by developmental language disorder organizations to augmentin 1000 mg bid them demonstrate accountability by tracking program implementation and its costs.

The other three-targeting, engagement, and feedback-are less commonly collected but are critical for program improvement. The key female orgasm right-sized monitoring data is finding a balance between external accountability requirements and internal management needs.

Consider financial data first. External accountability requirements often focus on revenues and expenses at the administrative and programmatic levels.

To move beyond accountability to learning, organizations need to connect cost and revenue data directly to ongoing operations. This way they can assess the relative costs of services across programs and program sites.

Many organizations also collect monitoring data about program implementation, including outputs delivered (e.

But such data are not clearly connected to a decision-making system based on a clear theory for the program. A clear and detailed theory of change supports organizations in pinpointing the key outputs of each program activity so that they can develop credible measures for them. Targeting data answer the question: Who is actually participating in the program. They help organizations understand if they are reaching their target populations and identify changes (to outreach efforts or program design, for example) that can be undertaken if they are not.

To augmentin 1000 mg bid useful, targeting data must be collected and reviewed regularly, so that corrective changes can be made in a timely manner.



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