Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Почему acquired immune deficiency syndrome правы, самое удачное

Complications are similar to those of calcium hydroxylapatite, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, and carbon bead injection.

No serious long-term adverse events have been reported. Temporary urinary retention (24-48 h) is expected after autologous fat injection. Patients can use self-catheterization with a small catheter (ie, 12-14 French) until it resolves. Recurrent urinary incontinence may arise from poor tissue coaptation or resorption of the fat.

Fat embolization resulting in death has been reported. Kirchin V, Page T, Keegan PE, Atiemo K, Cody JD, McClinton S. Urethral injection therapy for urinary incontinence in women. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome JN, Peyrat L, Haab F. Update in management of male urinary acquired immune deficiency syndrome injectables, balloons, minimally invasive approaches.

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