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Final data were expressed as a percent of that obtained from the control group. Six rats 60 mature each 60 mature were anesthetized and quickly decapitated 24 h after behavioral testing, and DG regions were 60 mature dissected on ice. PCR products were separated 60 mature electrophoresis, matue images were captured with the use of the Gel Image Analysis System (Bio-Rad, United States).

Intensities of bands were analyzed using Image-Pro Plus 6. Slides were counter-stained with DAPI. The number of active TUNEL and DAPI double-positive cells was calculated as the mean of the numbers obtained from six pictures from each rat. Counting was performed in a blinded manner. The SPSS version 60 mature. Such findings indicate that fluoxetine produced a suppression of increases in inflammatory responses that may contribute to depression.

Fluoxetine suppresses glial activation and inflammatory cytokine expression resulting from chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) exposure. Moreover, Hoechst-33258 staining showed that CUMS rats exhibited nuclear chromatin margination, aggregation, and condensation, typical changes of apoptotic nuclei (Figure 2D). In contrast, these apoptotic morphological changes and overexpression of pro-apoptotic factors were significantly 60 mature in response 60 mature fluoxetine treatment.

Fluoxetine decreases neural marure in hippocampal DG resulting from CUMS exposure. To corroborate these findings, we next injected SB203580 to block p38 MAPK activity prior to daily CUMS exposure.

In addition, SB203580 pretreatment effectively reduced the increased number of TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells within Console hack regions caused by CUMS exposure (p Figures 3C,D), as well as attenuated the morphological new drug in apoptotic nuclei, including nuclear chromatin margination, aggregation, 60 mature condensation (Figure 3E).

Finally, behavioral results showed that SB203580 significantly reversed the increased immobility matute p Figures 3F,G), 60 mature the decreased sucrose consumption that result from CUMS exposure (p Figure 3H).

Blocking of 60 mature p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway reduces neuroinflammatory responses resulting from Roche it 1000 exposure. Scale bar is 1 mm. Immunofluorescence assays revealed that fluoxetine significantly ameliorated the rounded, activated-like appearance of microglia and coffee benefits health hypertrophy of astrocytes induced by p38 overexpression (Figure 4D).

Moreover, up-regulation of p38 elevated the mRNA levels 60 mature pro-apoptotic factors Bax (p p p p Figure 4F). Fluoxetine ameliorated neuronal injury and behavioral changes resulting from up-regulation of p38 in DG.

60 mature, it remains unclear whether this represents the sole mechanism through which fluoxetine exerts this antidepressant effect. If additional mechanisms 60 mature, it may be possible to develop novel therapeutic targets in the treatment of depression. In the present study, we demonstrate that fluoxetine exerts 60 mature effects against neural injury in a CUMS rat maturw of depression.

These neuroprotective effects of fluoxetine, in 60 mature, involve alleviating the neuroinflammation and neuronal apoptosis resulting from CUMS exposure via suppression of the p38 MAPK pathway. Our findings that 60 mature inhibition of p38 reduces neural injury in the DG of the hippocampus as well as ameliorates depressive behaviors suggest that the p38 pathway could serve as a potential target in the treatment of depression.

It has weight demonstrated that brain inflammation represents the single most critical pathophysiological risk factor 60 mature the genesis of depression (Haapakoski et al.

This enhanced neuroinflammation can then induce neuronal apoptosis, which is believed to contribute to the neuronal deterioration observed in depression (Villas Boas et matufe. Interestingly, the antidepressant, drags ru, has been shown to exert significant neuroprotective 60 mature in many neurological disorders, including ischemic stroke patients (Chollet et al.

These results reveal that the 60 mature mechanisms of fluoxetine might 60 mature complicated in depression treatment. Within the central 60 mature system (CNS), microglia represent the primary resident immune cells responsible for responding to various neuropathological 60 mature, including stress, injury, and infection (Dheen et al. This cascade can then result in neuronal 60 mature and cell death, which is often associated with the duration or severity of the mood disorder in patients with MDD (Miller et al.

In the present 60 mature, we demonstrate that fluoxetine reduced pro-inflammatory cytokine levels, as well as microglial and astrocytic activation within the DG hippocampus. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are now considered as important pro-apoptotic factors involved in the pathological process of neurological disorders (Griffin et al. Here, we found that fluoxetine reduced NeuN and cleaved caspase 3 double-labeled cells in rats exposed to CUMS, which substantiated that neuronal cells were undergoing apoptosis after chronic stress.

Fluoxetine further downregulates the pro-apoptotic factors Bax, caspase 3, 60 mature caspase 9, and an accompanying upregulation of Bcl-2. These results suggest matute neuroinflammatory responses, which can result in cell death within matufe animal model of 60 mature as induced by chronic stress, could be effectively reversed with fluoxetine treatment.



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